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The situation is VERY critical.
Though something good is happening !!
Come be a part of it.

Springtime is here ... and thank goodness because it was beginning to feel like an endless winter.  Chaos has been looming.  Nowhere is this more true than in Venezuela.  We received this message from Rennea Couttenye, Venezuelan musician and filmmaker, who is there now, deep in the trenches of the conflict:

" We are in very dire situation here. We had a national blackout and after 6 days with no electricity yesterday it was finally retired. In my home, there is no water and our tank is deleting fast so we don't take showers and do our best to conserve ... we don't know how long it will be. In the meantime, Maurizio and I continue as musicians on the Titanic ... fueled by our inexhaustible optimism, we are still filming ... Venezuela is an inspiration to us."

It is troubling to hear that kind of news from our friends.  Notes like theses are heavy, though there is a spin at the end there. Without discounting the reality of it all.  It's important to realize that within all the chaos, there are also many heroes who breath light and magic into otherwise hopeless situations.

On April 11th, Rennea and fellow musician Jacqueline Rago, will be guiding us on a harmonious journey of their beloved homeland. You'll enjoy songs that represent its musical richness and you'll hear the stories of people that keep shining.  Along with the music, filmmaker Maurizio Gigola will join in sharing an immersive peak of "Extraordinary Venezuelans," a new film that illuminates a hopeful vision of magic through music and arts on the silver screen.

Come enjoy the show while we feast on Ms. Arepita's arepas and elixirs!

There are many ways to find magic in the rubble and many things to celebrate.

Join us as we speak and sing these stories of hope back into existence.

Shortly after the intense filming of the Netflix’s ‘Circus House’ feature on ‘Amazing Interiors’, we were approached by London based VoltageTV to do a more casual feature of the Museum for a show titled ‘The Worlds Weirdest Houses’.

Under the liberated direction of Storm Theunissen, who literally did take us by storm, the segment took a refreshing angle that really captured the up-close-and-personal, candid, real-life vibrancy of the Velocity Headquarters.

Rather appropriately to the cultural dichotomy in SF , our segment immediately follows a feature about a homeless encampment named Slab City. It was lovely to see how adamant Storm and her one crew mate were about capturing the rich environments, lifestyles, and most importantly, the people who inhabit these spaces and choose to live their lives in the various ways they do. From modern day cave dwellers , to an African pop star to a former monk single handedly building a cathedral, these humanistic, down-to-earth profiles capture the diversity of lifestyles that surround us. Not one of them fall into the status quo. And it shows the genuine richness of benevolent self expression.

We are excited to be featured in this Netflix series, Amazing Interiors. Check out episode 3 to catch a glimpse of the "Circus House."


The Gregangelo Museum
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Open by Appointment from Monday-Saturday all year round

Ages 5 and up. Not pet-accessible.

Level 1 - Multiverse Tour: Explore 13 realms that dive into earnest conversations on themes of history, humanity, and the cosmos. Find your place in the world, gamble with your memories, and connect through shared insights that range from simple, profound, to simply profound.

$55.00 per person Tues-Thurs, $65.00 per person Friday/Saturday
Maximum 12 guests / Length: 2+ Hours

Level 2 - Labyrinth Tour (includes Multiverse Tour): Journey through 27 universal realms on the wings of a Pyramid Spaceship. Experience the feeling of being inside laughter, look death in the eye, and remove your rose-colored glasses for a view of the present surroundings and what lies beyond. Disclaimerincludes minor spinning, tight spaces, moments of complete darkness, flashing lights, and may induce existential thought.

$85.00 per person, maximum 4 guests
Length: 3+ Hours

Guests are encouraged to come in pairs.
Solo guests will be added to other groups.

Proceeds are used to support local artists development and youth mentorship.  To learn more about the experience: Amazing Interiors on Netflix; Bold Italic article; HGTV show.
Find stellar reviews at: Yelp; Trip Advisor

Tours can be booked on Sundays for groups contributing $450.00 +

Custom VIP special events are available in the museum featuring our world-class entertainers, magic chef, edibles & elixirs, and signature antics for parties of up to 50.

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