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Our current immersive production with aerialists, dancers and live music.

To join us on this adventure through our enchanted gardens click below

We offer a uniquely San Francisco outdoor venue complete with entertainment

for small groups who are sheltering in place together.

Velocity is a full service San Francisco-based Arts and Entertainment Company

under the Artistic Direction of Gregangelo.

Our custom shows and interactive installations ignite the imagination through

incomparable, connecting, interactive experiences.

Velocity materializes dreams that defy limitations; that's what we do.

Experience a new world of immersive visions brought to life.

"A highly evocative, personal, and boundary confronting masterpiece”


The Gregangelo Museum is the private home of the acclaimed native San Francisco artist.


A client's dream brought to life

Watch the video below:

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“Your troupe lent elegance and grace, creativity and innovation,

and lots of wonderful energy to our gala.”
Publisher San Francisco Magazine


“You keep me dreaming bigger and creating more fun adventures in my own life all these years later… The world NEEDS the beauty, joy and light that you bring!”


“It has taken me decades of world travel into the deepest recesses of jungles and caves to the canopies of rain forests to unearth the realities of human evolution. It took me just a few amazing moments witnessing your performance to see a glimpse of the other worldly realities of our humanity…thanks for the adventure into the wonders of imagination.
Wade Davis, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

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“Thank you for making my maiden voyage to San Francisco such a gas. I can’t wait to come back.”
Guest at corporate event


”They were AMAZING! I have to tell you…my CEO came up to me and said (exact words), “how the f$%& are you going to top this???”



“What a bunch of Weirdos!”
The B-52  


“A visual masterpiece with your talented artists, stunning costumes, music and film…

I enjoyed all four shows just as much as the first.”
Audience member


“ Hollywood has nothing on San Francisco’s Velocity!! “
Film Producer


“I feel like I’m in a Fellini movie”
Television personality


“You surpassed even my highest hopes and expectations –

which is saying a lot, since I have seen you perform miracles before.”
Executive Director Oakland Museum CA


“What can I say? That was an incredible night. The energy in the room was amazing.”
California Academy of Science

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“Your artistry will be the talk of town!”
San Francisco Symphony


“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!”
Urban Developer